About Our Story

Our Story

The world wasn’t built in a day.

The world’s first Digital Workplace platform brought to you from a smart team with a background in Industry 4.0, data analytics, lean manufacturing, business processes and continuous improvement.

We began conceiving the Digital Workplace concept from our engineering company. We could see that in the technology space in between our CRM and our ERP, we were heading rapidly towards 'over-fragmentation', due to the high number of niche applications we were using -– tools for project management, tools for task execution, tools for managing annual leave, tools for communication, among others.

We were deepening our information silos, our workers were suffering the effects of a disjointed UX and technology stress, our workplace was disconnected, and we were incurring unnecessary costs and maintenance headaches. We wanted to tighten up that ‘space where work happens’ to transform the way we work.

How? By digitizing and consolidating our entire workplace over the one platform.

About Oonagh Mc Nerney

Oonagh Mc Nerney

Oonagh Mc Nerney

Co-founder & CEO.

Having led an advanced engineering company for the past 12 years, and have been active as a Freelance Consultant in the Innovation eco-system during the 13 years prior to this, Oonagh has been involved in the fields of ‘high tech’ and ‘smart’ throughout her 25 year business career. Taking inspiration from the Industry 4.0 space, she is passionate about transferring the thinking behind intelligent and connected manufacturing environments to the workplace. This passion has led to the creation of Workdeck.

About Colm Digby

Colm Digby

Colm Digby

Co-founder & CTO.

Colm has been at the head of an advanced engineering company for 12 years prior to Workdeck. With a background in Applied Computing, and having held positions in IBM Europe in Paris, European Space Agency in Rome and the Northern Irish Assembly, Colm is driving forward the Product Roadmap for the Workdeck platform. A digital enthusiast who is up to date on the latest in ICT state-of-the-art, and with a strong commitment for bringing consumer tech to the workplace, Colm is leading and inspiring our Development Team to realise the Workdeck vision.

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