Drive business performance with Workdeck

increase revenue and reduce costs

Workdeck’s functions combine:

Work automation
Project & task management resource management
Time tracking
Finance & billing
Business travel management
Backoffice services (purchases & expenses)

Enable faster and smarter operations.

Workdeck functions are executed in an integrated and synchronized manner, everything is available and connected in one place.

Optimize processes and increase performance and efficiencies.

Workdeck continually records valuable actionable data and generates an array of useful metrics across the entire business to evaluate basic business processes (billable vs. non-billable utilization, actual vs. planned revenue, cost & profit, project margins…). These insights can be used to drive performance and efficiencies across business operations.

End-to-end digitalization.

Workdeck integrates with accounting systems (e.g. Holden, Quickbooks…) and CRMs (e.g. Hubspot, Clientify…) to connect disparate legacy systems and arrive at the end-to-end digitalization to deliver unparalleled 360º enterprise visibility.

Increase revenue and reduce costs

Improved on-time and on-budget project delivery
Lower project cancellation rates
Lower budget leaks
Higher resource utilization
Increased project margins
Increased productivity of teams: less times wasted on low value tasks (thanks to increased automation) and augmented capacity (thanks to data-driven insights, recommendations…)