Drive business performance with Workdeck

increase revenue and reduce costs

Workdeck’s functions combine:

Work automation

Project & task management resource management

Time tracking

Finance & billing

Business travel management

Backoffice services (purchases & expenses)


Your team more organised than ever

Workdeck allows you to run your work in an integrated way, synchronising all the functions of an office. Everything available and connected in one place.

Use data to optimise processes and increase performance.

Workdeck records real-time data that generates a range of metrics useful for evaluating core business processes such as billable vs. non-billable utilisation, actual vs. forecast revenue, costs and profits, project margins and more. This information can be used to drive performance and efficiency across your business operations.

End-to-end digitisation.

Workdeck integrates with accounting systems (Holded, Quickbooks, etc.) and CRM (Hubspot, Clientify, etc.), connecting all systems and offering end-to-end digitalisation that allows 360º visibility of your business.
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Increases revenues and reduces costs

Better optimisation of projects in terms of time and budget
Fewer incidences of project cancellations
Less budget leakage
Increased resource utilisation
Increased project margins
Increased team productivity