All your business management in one place

More performance, less time, better results. Our platform includes all the necessary tools and synchronises them for real-time data. Everything available and connected in one place.

Your virtual workspace

  • Virtual platform that facilitates the operation of face-to-face and remote work
  • Digital ecosystem that unites all functions: no more fragmentation or silos
  • Data enables reporting to maximise the performance of your business.
  • Real-time information on the state of finances and progress of work

Increases performance and productivity

  • All the tools you use in one place
  • All so that teams can collaborate and perform from anywhere.
  • 360° visibility of work progress in real time for project managers and directors
  • Automated processes that make work easier and allow more time to be spent on value creation

Make it smarter

  • Tracking your business data to obtain relevant information
  • Planning and decision making based on real data
  • Trend recognition and early detection of risks and anomalies

Automates all manual processes

  • All your business functions automated
  • No manual data entry required
  • Reduced internal use of email and spreadsheets

Optimises work, saves time and costs

  • -25% of time spent in meetings
  • -44% time spent on project, team and work leakage follow-ups
  • -70% of time wasted in reviewing emails
  • +32% improvement in fact-based decision-making
  • +38% increase in productivity and achievement of objectives
  • +43% coordination and collaboration between teams

Save time to boost team performance

  • Allocations of working hours per project
  • Automatic time tracking
  • Countdown timers to set and monitor specific working hours per project or task
  • Accurate worker performance information to improve work planning and design more competitive quotes

Coming soon Corporate travel just a click away

  • Easy travel booking
  • Direct purchase of flight, hotel, train and car tickets from the platform
  • Recording of all travel expenses allocated to the respective project for automatic accounting

Work well from anywhere

  • Work teams available and productive from any location
  • Real-time communication via chat, instant messaging and video conferencing
  • Complete visibility for managers and project managers to track work progress

Easy to use communication tools for your work team

  • Accessible from the web app and a smartphone app
    Instant messaging
  • One to one chat
  • Channels
  • File sharing