Boost performance and achieve better results in less time. Our communication software includes all the necessary tools to stay in touch with your colleagues and receive real-time information to execute work more quickly and efficiently.

Keep communication active through the internal chat of our communication software
Check and synchronize your calendar with your colleagues' to enhance group work synergy
View where your colleagues are and their availability at all times
Working together has never been easier
With our communication software, you'll have access to a variety of tools that facilitate collaborative task development. These tools enable you to instantly share information, update results, correct errors, and warn of risks, among others.
Communicate internally through channels or chat
With the integrated chat of our communication software, you can centralize all messages and interactions in a single work environment. Create channels with multiple colleagues or contact individuals to increase organization and productivity.
You can also have this function on your mobile device
Workdeck has our mobile app "Chatter" linked, allowing you to communicate with your colleagues and share information from anywhere. Additionally, Workdeck has its own mobile application, where you can manage your tasks and projects.
Compare your calendar with your team's and synchronize work
Viewing and comparing your calendar with that of anyone working in your company allows you to organize work based on both schedules and increase synergy in group work. Besides facilitating group work, this tool gives you the opportunity to know colleagues' availability for meetings and workload distribution.