Optimize resource management to achieve business goals through our project planning tools, which will allow you to calculate, distribute, and effectively monitor all assigned resources.

Facilitate human resources department management for purchasing and expense management.
Optimize control of expenses and purchases by your employees, preventing unnecessary expenses.
Optimize the hourly distribution of tasks among the team for effective resource organization.
Customize your dashboard
With our planning tool, you can analyze in seconds everything that is happening on the platform related to you and your projects. In your dashboard, you will be able to visualize the movements of the last hour, the status of your tasks, the availability of your colleagues, your daily calendar, the progress of milestones, and much more.
Efficiently distribute workload
Use the Resource Planner for the correct redistribution of hours and responsibilities among your team members, thus optimizing resource management. You can quickly adapt assignments according to project needs, ensuring proper distribution to achieve goals.
Manage your team's resources efficiently
Access the Manager View feature to locate where your team members are in tasks and projects. With this overview, you can see where and how efforts are being directed in activities and tasks and redirect them if necessary.