The Power of One.

Eliminate the lost time, interruptions and data silos caused by manual processes and a fragmented digital ecosystem. Transition to one platform of tools that delivers unprecedented automation, data connectivity, synchronisation and business intelligence for powering high performance businesses.

Redefine the workplace

  • The new virtual workspace to unite onsite, remote, distributed and field-based teams
  • A digital ecosystem that ties all functions together: no more fragmentation or silos
  • Convert data into insights, context and an intelligent advantage
  • Get real-time information on the status of financials and work progress

Increase performance & productivity

  • No more jumping between disconnected applications
  • Everything teams need to collaborate and perform from anywhere
  • 360 visibility and real-time progress insights for Managers and Leaders
  • Automated processes that leave more time for value generation

Make it smarter

  • Use workplace data to give your business information, insights and recommendations
  • Fact-based decision making and planning
  • Spot trends, early detection of risks and anomalies

Bring all offline processes online

  • All business processes automated and agile
  • No more manual data entry
  • Dramatically reduce the internal use of email and spreadsheets

Optimise work, save time and costs

  • -25% time spent in meetings.
  • -44% time spent tracking projects, teams and deviations
  • +32% improved fact-based decision making
  • +36% productivity and project success
  • +43% collaboration and coordination among teams

Every second counts

  • Saves your team time: employee time is one of the most valuable resources in a knowledge business
  • Automatic time tracking functionality
  • Count-down timers: effective tools for high performance teams
  • Gain more accurate insights into performance for improved work planning and designing more competitive quotes

Business travel brought to you

  • Easy travel booking
  • Purchase flights, hotels, trains and cars directly from the platform
  • Link all travel expenses to their corresponding project for automatic accounting

Work well from anywhere

  • Access all work information, processes, teams and services in order to be productive from anywhere
  • Communication via chat, instant messaging and video conference
  • Managers have full visibility for tracking work progress

Easy Communication tools

  • Accessible from the web app and a smartphone app
    Instant messaging
  • One to one chat
  • Channels
  • File sharing