Can I turn my personal profile into an organization?

This option is not available at the moment. If you want to use your personal email instead of your corporate email to log in Workdeck, you must talk to your manager or contact our support team.

What happens if I accidentally delete a project?

Projects can't be deleted, only deactivated. You can reactivate your projects at any time without losing data.

Can I invite my external clients to see my projects in Workdeck?

This option will be available soon.

Who can see my workspace?

Only you have access to your own workspace. You must be a participant to see changes and updates in a project.

Who is responsible for my user in Workdeck?

In Workdeck, users and their accesses are the responsibility of the manager. The manager of each team is the only one who has credentials to add new members to the platform. In addition, your direct supervisor is the one who approves your requests for absences, vacations, purchases and trips, etc.

Can I use Workdeck for my personal use?

If you register in Workdeck with a personal email account you can use the platform to manage your calendar and personal tasks.

If I leave can I take my data?

Of course. You can export all your data in Workdeck, so you don't lose critical client and business information, even if you decide to not use our tool anymore.

What should I do with my projects in Workdeck when I leave my company?

Before leaving the company, you can reassign your projects and tasks to other members of your team, but only if you are the owner. The projects and tasks assigned to you (but not created by you), will be reassigned to your manager.

What happens with someone's tasks if they leave the company?

All projects and tasks assigned to that user will be reassigned to the team manager.