Professional Services Automation

Projects, Tasks, Resource Planning, Finances & Reports, Communication Tools, Purchases & Expenses, Calendars & Leave Management, Business Travel Management and much more...

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    The Intelligent Digital Workplace.

    • Projects Management, Tasks Execution, Resources Scheduling
    • Financials & Real-time Reporting
    • Business Communication
    • Purchases, Expenses & Travel
    • Calendar & Leave management
    • Workplace Analytics

    One Workplace. One Platform. One Experience.

    Integrated work management.

    Increase employee productivity and engagement.
    Workplace Insights that reduce risk and empower decisions at every level.
    Flexibility and control for remote working.
    Unprecedented automation to save time & money.
    Workdeck maintains your Digital Workplace; so you can focus on your business.
    Our agile communication tools keep teams connected

    One Workplace. One Platform. One Experience.

    Integrated work management.

    Integrate your legacy systems. Seamless.

    Tired of disconnected apps, data silos and lost productivity?

    All the digital work tools your company needs engineered in one platform.
    All actions, events, communications and updates brought to the user for a seamless start to everyday.
    Caters for flexible work practices and styles, and adds value according to each role.
    Gives remote teams, onsite and field workers the same access to the workplace.

    Workplace Analytics by design

    Data is your new Resource

    As all work processes, workflows, projects, resources and teams are connected and in sync, data silos are removed in place of a powerful data pool that our AI tools covert into intelligence, insights and information for fact-based decision making and planning, as well as recommendations, and predictions.
    Our clients say

    Workdeck is an excellent application for the management of projects; a modern and intuitive tool, with many integrated options, with allows the use of one unique tool for project management. Moreover, its design is simple and very efficient. This is truly the best application we’ve used.

    Jordi Caballé

    Responsable de Consultoría PremiumLab

    I can only wonder why nobody came up earlier with the ‘plug and excite’ solution for Workplaces.

    Xavier Capellades

    CEO NewRalers

    It’s simplicity, flexibility and fantastic adaptation and support from the team, help us to focus on our work and be more productive.

    Andre Baken

    Founder Digital & Organizational Change Management

    Workdeck has the potential to completely change the current landscape. I am seeing a move away from the behemoth tools in favour of smaller, agile products. Workdeck can go the distance to serve mid-tier and enterprise clients with the agility of an SME offering.

    Mercedes Tejero

    People Manager Spain Cathay Pacific

    Workdeck is a very useful application. It's an innovative and friendly tool to manage projects that many people work on. Workdeck allows you to keep everything you need under control and it's great for the organisation of a team. Integration with google account is a valuable help. For sure, I would recommend it.

    Claire Burge

    Productivity Influencer

    Workdeck is ideal for making the scaling of our team as seamless as possible, by giving us access to digitised and agile processes for the integrated management of the workplace. The team not only has seamless access to the projects and tasks they are involved in, they can also access backoffice services and everything they need, even when working remotely.

    Tommaso Barbieri

    COO Tomapaint

    Workdeck has become an indispensable tool for us. It has helped us to improve the planning and management of our projects, as well as the communication between the different team members. It’s visual, very intuitive and easy to implement. I would highlight the predisposition of the Workdeck team to capture customer needs and continually improve the tool.

    Georgios Vanezi

    CEO Freshseal Ltd.

    Award-winning software