We are the Digital Workplace

Brought to you by an experienced team with a background in Industry 4.0, data analytics, agile business processes and continuous improvement.

Our History

The world wasn’t built in a day…but it can change in an instant.

We began conceiving the Digital Workplace concept from our advanced engineering company. We could see that in the technology space in between our CRM and ERP, we were heading rapidly towards ‘over-fragmentation’, due to the high use of niche applications we were using in our day to day, such as tools for project management, others for task execution, others for managing annual leave, others for expenses, others for communication… and on and on.

Digital dexterity… resilience in the face of uncertainty

The vision to defragment our workplace technology, to remove silos and to ultimately data-drive our business is what led us to build Workdeck. The platform is central not only to our clients’ workplaces, but to ours as well. And it delivers digital resilience to thrive in a changing world.

Great team, great victories.

Premium Usability 2019 Award
Seal of excellence
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Rising Star 2019 Award