August 3, 2023

Choose a powerful integrated management system for remote work


Software de gestión
In today's world, remote work has brought significant changes to collaborative processes within companies, leading to the implementation of various management software solutions.

Efficiently Manage Remote Work

Remote work has seen remarkable growth in recent years, significantly accelerated by the coronavirus pandemic. This trend has expanded, with many companies adopting a hybrid work model. One question that still arises about these new work modalities is whether it’s possible to effectively manage and monitor remote work or if there are tools available for this purpose. The answer is a resounding yes; there are tools to address these needs.

An integrated management system is an effective way to monitor both remote and in-office work.Such an integrated system encompasses features and capability that facilitate monitoring, allowing you to stay in control of your company regardless of your location, such as:

  • Real-time monitoring of employees’ screens.
  • Location tracking.
  • Technological features adapted for remote work.
  • Process management for data and documents.
  • Management of KPIs and interactive dashboards.

Additionally, it is important to incorporate cloud technology so that it can adapt to all necessary tasks carried out. Each of these tasks will be performed through collaborative processes, also adding business intelligence tools. All of which can be seamlessly executed from a web browser. 

In parallel, workflows will be much better organized with the aid of management tools. Below are a number of examples of relevant use cases:

  • Personal productivity and task flows.
  • Management of incoming request flows.
  • Hand-off transfers.
  • Scrum and agile methodology.

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