July 25, 2023

Create a Workspace at Home and Conduct Virtual Meetings


Thanks to the software tools offered by major vendors, you can now work peacefully from the comfort of your own home.

Stay connected from anywhere

We have carefully chosen the timing for this article to have the greatest impact and deliver a strong message.

During 2020, the entire world found itself living on what seemed like a colossal movie set. The Covid-19 pandemic compelled us to adopt new habits in our lives, ones we could never have anticipated. We were faced with a context that overwhelmed us, and two words were brought to the surface and translated into all languages: obligation and confinement. Fortunately, those times are now behind us.

Among these new habits, various modes of communication emerged or were enhanced, especially in education and, of course, work settings. Workspaces became the arena for what is known as synchronous communication in these contexts.

But what exactly is synchronous communication? Simply put, it refers to the method by which two or more people communicate in remote workspaces. The key aspect of synchronous communication is that it happens in real-time, instantaneously. Let’s pause a moment to establish the main idea behind this article. Although many companies were already using synchronous communication, it gained significant prominence and empowerment during the coronavirus pandemic. It plays a crucial role in both group and individual virtual meetings among employees.

Functionalities for a company include:

  • Team alignment.
  • Interaction and collaboration among colleagues.
  • Building emotional connections.

Key characteristics of synchronous communication:

  • Seamless exchange between users.
  • Remote meetings taking place simultaneously.
  • Messages can be conveyed orally, in writing, or through audiovisual means.
  • Interaction between two or multiple users.
  • Bidirectional communication.
  • Requires sophisticated applications and software.

Incorporating Tools

Integrating a task manager into your company’s workflow is highly beneficial. It allows for efficient coordination and execution of activities across the entire organization or specific projects. With a task manager, you can set deadlines, prioritize tasks, and assign responsibilities. Furthermore, these tools can be accessed from any device. While there are various task managers available, it is worth noting that synchronous communication becomes even more efficient when used in conjunction with a task manager.

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