February 19, 2024

Enhance Virtual Communication and Establish Your Presence as a Leader


Team leaders and their executive role, being omnipresent, make virtual communication as effective as in-person communication.

A Real Leader Online

Today, virtual communication is highly effective, thanks to continuous technological advancements. In terms of goals and objectives within the business environment, it has been confirmed that they can be effectively achieved when approached from a virtual perspective. For this to happen, the presence of a leader making decisions about who will carry out each of the assigned tasks is essential and, above all, feasible.

The person leading the team must be familiar with the characteristics of each team member, and this is possible through immediate interaction and performance evaluation that can be managed virtually.

Thanks to technology and the development of Artificial Intelligence, tasks can now be optimized based on prior data collection. This also has an impact on communication among team members, which becomes more effective and personalized, even when working remotely. In the case of the Workdeck platform, online work communication is optimal because it offers the option to synchronize calendars and integrate video conferencing platforms. It connects with Teams, Meet, Webex, Zoom, and Skype, and also includes a chat, channels, mention tags within workspaces, and task assignments.

In the same vein, it allows for training sessions or webinars to convey experiences and new knowledge. It does so through video conferences as well. Virtuality is characterized by the flexibility that screen-based communication provides; there’s no need to schedule an in-person meeting to clarify doubts with the person overseeing the work.

The “virtual face-to-face” interaction highlights the authority of the person who can make decisions about the employees and their tasks: communication can be clear and concise even when a computer is in between.

Continue working from your home using the Workdeck platform. We invite you to take a free trial and discover all the tools we offer for efficient communication with your team.