February 13, 2023

11 tips to work from home and be more productive


Mujer con notebook y celular
It is not a secret that in the last three years, home office has increased considerably. Currently, there are many companies that have put this dynamic into practice, achieving excellent results. For employees, virtual work gives the possibility of achieving a better work-life balance. However, there are multiple challenges that can affect this. In today's article, we give you 11 tips that will help you stay organized with your work-from-home routines.

Working from home has increased due to the pandemic, the appearance of new platforms and the need of having a balance between life and work. The benefits of working from home are:

  • Schedule flexibility: employees can adjust their work schedule to suit their personal needs.
  • Time and cost savings: By not having to travel, workers can save time and reduce transportation costs. This will result in an improvement of quality life.
  • Greater efficiency: Many companies have discovered that home office can improve the productivity of their employees.

However, there are also different challenges and routines to modify when an employee starts to work every day from his home. They must know how to deal with work and personal life. Loneliness and lack of interaction between coworkers can become a problem if it is not managed properly. For this reason, it is essential to implement a work routine that helps us not to lose motivation and make remote work a great experience. Having established schedules, a place that avoids distractions or writing things down are just some of the habits that help us work effectively.

These are our tips in order to improve the working from home experience:

  1. Take advantage of the time you save from traveling to start working earlier: It is not advisable to wake up ten minutes before turning on the computer, rather, ideally a person has to be active an hour before starting work. Therefore, waking up early and taking time to eat breakfast, read the news and change clothes is a good strategy to start working more focused.
  2. Set your working hours: Deciding when to start and finish working allows us to have a balance between work and personal life.
  3. Organize the day as if you were in the office: Set your schedule in order to rest, eat and have meetings. Being at home means a benefit as long as you are not distracted by household chores, family or other things.
  4. Have your own workspace organized: Avoid sitting on the sofa or with the TV on, you must have a workspace clean and where you can spend several hours per day working without distractions
  5. Look for other spaces to work: Choose a nearby cafe to continue working from there and not shutting you down at home.
  6. Avoid social networks: It is known that when we are in the office, we do not use social networks in the same way and with the same frequency as at home. Therefore, when working from home, it is advisable to avoid the temptation to access Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok or any other social network.
  7. Work on the most complex activities at the time you feel most productive: Detecting the moments of greatest inspiration to dedicate them to the most difficult tasks or those that take the longest is a great strategy for your day to day. Therefore, it is important to define these hours based on personal productivity (either morning, afternoon or night).
  8. Hold regular conversations with your work team: This allows everyone to be aligned and feel like you are working as a team. Being part of a team makes us work harder to meet goals and increases personal work performance.
  9. Work with music: If it does not affect your concentration, music can help you focus and avoid the feeling of loneliness.
  10. Take breaks between tasks: At the office, we usually stop working to have a coffee or connect with our colleagues. Being at home, we must maintain these habits, get up from the chair and spend ten minutes doing laundry. This helps to rest your head and return to work even more focused.
  11. Use all the tools that your company offers you to stay connected: organize your time and increase your productivity: Make regular calls with your coworkers, assign responsibilities, define tasks, follow-up meetings, etc. You will see that the positive energy of work becomes an ally.

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