March 6, 2024

Monitor your workspace through the Workdeck dashboard


Visualize and navigate through a Dashboard everything that happens in each area and team of your company

Make the entire company visible

The fluctuation between hybrid and in-person work modalities in the workspace reflects the current reality of many companies. However, the only constant is the virtual space. This allows teams to stay connected and productive regardless of where they are physically, facilitating real-time collaboration, information exchange, and task coordination.

A dashboard in a digital workspace offers an intuitive and detailed interface that provides a complete and accessible view of various aspects of activity and work performance. It provides users with a panoramic perspective of activity and performance in the digital environment, simplifying informed decision-making and fostering effective collaboration between teams.

From Workdeck dashboard, you will have visibility of everything that happens in your company, with direct access to the platform modules, support center, and chat. Also, you will have access to your daily activity calendar and a function to note priority tasks.

Additionally, we have systems that can seamlessly integrate with Google Workspace and Office 365 platforms.

At Workdeck, we think about your needs and how to meet them. We invite you to take a free trial and start experiencing new growth opportunities.